Wednesday, May 30

So maybe I went a bit crazy...

but I managed to stay UNDER my budget. Did I tell you I just love Debbie and Gary at Rubberstamp Fantasy? It is so much fun going to their store. They always have a funny story to share. They probably think I am crazy, as do most people that know me. They had the A*Muse*A*PALOOZA signs up and that just added to my glee. As I was checking out with my loot, I volunteered to help if they needed me for anything for the event. I SO hope they call me; I don't know if I could handle all the fun though. I had plans to meet a friend for lunch in the square and go stamp shopping. At the last minute she had to cancel. I wandered around some of the antique shops and ran into a self proclaimed "old hippie". I thought she would never let me out of the store,she told me way to much about herself. It was a very interesting day.

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