Wednesday, July 25

Creative Funks

I finished reading Harry Potter late last night. I am not gonna say anything about it, but I would love your thoughts if you have finished it.

I think I am now in a creative funk. I have a to-do list that seems a mile long with getting ready for another school year. I have been making stuff for my classroom and actually using my Cricut!! Have you seen all the new cartridges they have? I may actually use mine now; it has been sitting untouched on a shelf for months.

Today I have thrown away about 10 attempts at making a card. I keep thinking that I should try a new style or something, but then realize that all my stamps are almost the same style. I have never really been in a funk like this, so help please. What do you do to get out of a creative funk?


scrappintrish said...

I am totally with you with the whole in a funk thing. I am today as well. Not sure if it's because I have a headache or what. But, when I get in these moods I normally just give it a rest for a day or 2 until I feel like actually stamping again and then I am on a creative run. I don't push myself to make things if I don't feel like it because then I end up hating my cards which puts me in a bigger funk because nothing is turning out right. I would just give myself a few days and just relax. Sometimes I will redo my craft room and change things around and go threw my things and I will find something I forgot that I had and I will get really excited and start creating like mad. I totally understand where you are coming from when you say that all of your stamps are the same. I TOTALLY understand. I went threw mine today and noticed that almost all of my stamps are flowers of some kind so I was really excited when Kristina over at Balance got me 2 new A Muse stamps because I have been using them like crazy! I love them a lot. I am hoping to place an order sometime soon. I have to order threw the company because I do not have a craft store around me that sells anything A Muse. :) Hopefully we both get out of our funks soon. :)

Elena said...

Michelle - I finished Harry Potter the other night and I am sad that the whole thing is over. But, I can always reread or listen to the audio CDs (check your library!). It was a bit exhausting trying to finish, but it was well worth it. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to share all the stories with them.

TheDvineMissM said...


Please tell us some interesting things about you :O)

Once you do that, please tag 7 more people.

Have a great day!

AND...I did finish Harry on Monday night. I read it faster than I have read any book because I was so afraid someone would leak the ending. I am very sad it is over. I get the "funk" often. Sometimes I think is because I have too many ideas swimming around and then just getting them started is crazy. I hope your funk ends soon!!!