Monday, July 16

A little surprise

Cheryl (cakvd) is the only one that guessed how many stamps I could fit in my empty space!! She said that I could fit in 9 more stamps! Well I got 22 in there even though some had to be stacked a bit. Cheryl send me your snail mail address and I will get your suprise in the mail!!

It was so exciting get so many new stamps at once; I usually have more of budget. Gotta love a little bday $$. And most of my new stamps got a little "ink love" yesterday!!

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Tandra said...

Thats a lotta stamps, girl!!
Hi Michelle! I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine!
I love your stuff! Can you believe I dont have even 1 Amuse stamp??[gaaasssp!!!] I see so many UBER cute cards, and Ive never broken down and bought any. No stores around here have any! The best stamp store closed, and there isnt another close by. Oh well, I live "Amusely" thru others!!!
Im would like to link your blog to mine, is that OK?