Friday, December 7

100 more..

visitors to my blog before I hit the big 10,000 visits. How amazing is that? Thank you all for visiting and your great comments. I hope that I inspire you to make your own cards, if you don't already. You have all given me so much inspiration and encouragement. So I want to show my appreciation for all of you with some wonderful prizes. As soon as I hit 10k, the party will begin. So stay tuned this week for some fun prizes.

Yeah yeah; I know that I am slacking on the ornaments. I will update soon. I have to finish some assignments tomorrow and then I will be back to ornaments. And don't forget on Monday I may have some sneaky peaks for you!!


CraftyEngineer said...

slacker! :P

Jen said...

Congratulations on your almost 10K - how amazing! I really enjoy reading your blog, and love all of your designs! Thanks!

Rhonda Maynard said...

Congrats Michelle!! :D You do amazing work!! Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us!!