Thursday, December 27

Notes from Santa

I spent Christmas morning with my nephew and the rest of my family too. He was so excited that Santa came to his house and left presents. He kept saying "Santa gave Connor this" and pointing out everything. He told me about leaving cookies for Santa and reindeer food for Rudolph and friends. Well later in the day, I was rummaging through the kitchen looking for a snack~ because I eat 24/7. And what did I see? A napkin with some writing on it. I picked it up to read it and realized that it was a note from Santa. My brother informed me that Santa probably couldn't find any other paper to use. You know I can't let Santa just write notes on a napkin~ what kind of aunt would I be if I let this continue. So I came right home and made Santa a little notebook to write in from now on. Please Santa, don't use napkins anymore. Next year this can go right next to the plate of cookies. I think I will also make a pen to match and maybe tie it on with a cute ribbon. I think everyone needs one of these to leave for Santa. It's something that can be reused every year and you have one place for all the Santa notes.
All images are A Muse Artstamps. Patterned paper is DCWV glitter Christmas pack.


Mrs4444 said...

LOVE this idea! As a parent, though, rather than just notes from Santa, I would prefer to see and exchange of notes between Santa and my child. That would be priceless. I hope you market this; it's a real winner!

PennyH said...

What a cute and clever idea! I even recognize that little notebook. Did you happen to buy it from Target? It looks like a couple I just picked up myself.

CraftyEngineer said...

What a great idea!