Friday, April 25

I'm moving

Well just my blog. Come visit me at my new pad.

Don't forget to update your readers, subscriptions and blog rolls. Can't wait to see you at the new place!

Monday, April 21

Party Time

Did you ever have fondue parties back in the 70's? They seem to be all the rage again or at least they were for a while. I just love fondue or as Rachael calls it FUNdue!

I made this card a while ago, but just never got around to sharing it. I tried to think about the colors of the 70's. Remember the kitchens? My parents had the fabulous orange shag carpet when I was a child. I was so happy when they finally ripped it up! Wouldn't it be fun to have a 70's fondue party?

There is a lot going on here this week. Saturday is VMAA, if you don't know what I am talking about you need to sign up for A Muse Addicts. We are having a virtual stamp night with challenges and a surprise, but I can't tell you that now! You won't want to miss it though!! ;)

Also on Saturday, I will have some A Muse sneaks for you!!

A Muse Party Time clear stamps 7-PARTSM; A Muse notecards and twinkle stickers; Brilliance Black Ink; Copic Markers

Tuesday, April 15

new shoes

For the past few weeks, I come home from work with aching feet and legs. It is at it's worst today. So I decided that I really needed to get new shoes because I will be doing A LOT of walking soon. Yeah I am doing the 3 Day, but I already have some shoes for that. But for this, I really needed CUTE shoes that are comfy. Well let me start at the beginning of the story.
I was chatting with Heather one day when she mentioned that she had to go to Europe soon. I don't remember the exact conversation *wink* I think she mentioned that her husband couldn't get off work this time and her mom didn't want to go. Well me and my big mouth, jokingly said "I'll go with you". She was like yeah come along. I was thinking uh huh sure. Then we were talking about when I get out of school and when we could go. I still couldn't believe that I would really be going to Europe. I told a few people "hey I MAY go to Europe...wouldnt that be cool, but I don't think it will really happen". Heather and I talked some more and decided "what the heck?...let's do it". Then I looked up some flights and they were way more than I could spend, so again I thought it wouldn't happen. We were looking into flying into Paris, but then decided to try Germany. Heather and I played around with some dates and found some cheap flights. I hit purchase and screamed "OMG I AM GOING TO EUROPE!!" I have always wanted to travel, but have never had the time or money. Not that I really do now, but sometimes when opportunity knocks, you just have to answer. We are flying into Germany then taking a European road trip with stops in Paris, Venice, Rome and a bunch of other little places I can't remember. Heather is the PLANNER girl and I am the OMG I AM GOING TO EUROPE girl.
So back to the shoes. I can't just wear sneakers to Europe. I was on the search for cute comfy shoes and you women know how difficult that is. And these shoes are gonna be doing a lot of walking in Europe. I am so excited!! Thanks for letting me tag along with you Heather!!
And for those of you that care, we have little countdowns. 49 DAYS TO EUROPE!!!

A Muse Admirer

I got this fabulous package in the mail on Saturday from my A Muse Admirer over on A Muse Addicts. I love all the polka dots and she used Vespa Girl and Eiffel Tower stamps to decorate everything. Hmmm I wonder what I could use the journal...maybe card ieas, to write down things so I don't forget them or maybe a travel journal *wink*.

Monday, April 14

a little A Muse love

Geeta had the great idea to put all her A Muse cards in an album. So of course, I had to steal her idea. I finally found the brown album that I wanted and just had decide how to decorate it. I went through my stash of paper but nothing seemed to be just right. Then it hit me ~ use A Muse Notecards doh! I cut some of my very favorite notecards to use and adhered them with Mod Podge. Of course you know anything I make needs a little glittery bling. I painted the letters brown and then covered them in glorious glitter. And TA DAAA I have a fabulouse place for all my cards. I just love it. The only problem is....ready for it??'s already full! OH well guess I'll have to make a second edition *wink*

Here are some pictures of the inside of the book and the glittery letters. Now you should go make a book for yourself ;)

ETA: Sorry I didn't give you the details to begin with. This is an American Crafts 8 1/2 x 11 album in brown. Geeta found the pages on Ebay and we shared them. They are cd holders that hold both the cd and cover. I now have some 3 1/2 x 5 photo pages for my 4 bar cards. Hope this helps. If you have more questions, just shoot me an email.

Saturday, April 12

gotta love the Muppets...

You Are the Swedish Chef

"Bork! Bork! Bork!"

Your happy and energetic - with borderline manic tendencies.

No one really gets you. And frankly, you don't even get you.

But, you sure can whip up a great chocolate mousse

Or in my case, a great chocolate cupcake!!

Thursday, April 10

the journey is the reward...

After all my Paris cards this week, I decided to *travel* to Italy today. I guess I should have told you how I made the background yesterday. I used the A Muse block stamp and inked it with Colorbox Chalk cateyes. I started with the lightest color and worked my way down so that I didn't get any dark colors on my light inks. I was talking about it with Heather and she thought I directly inked the paper. Good idea Heather. So I thought I would that technique with this card. I stamped the bridge right over the ink. I thought I would color the bridges, but decided that it looked just right so I just added some yellow Stickles to the lights.
Don't all these travel inspired cards make you wanna take a little vacation?!?!
All images and notecards are A Muse Artstamps.

Wednesday, April 9

sunset in Paris

I just love when you have an idea and it actually works on paper. The Eiffel Tower is one of my favorite stamps from A Muse~ haven't used it much lately, but am feeling very inspired by it these days. *wink* I was thinking about the tower all lit up at sunset when I thought of this card idea. I stamped the tower on a papaya notecard, cut it out and added some glitter. **gotta love the glitter** Doesn't this card just make you want to sit and watch the Eiffel Tower come to life with lights as the sun sets behind it!!
Did you see Heather's card? So cute and simple!
All images and notecards are A Muse Artstamps