Thursday, November 9


clear stamps are the way to go in some situations. I went into Archiver's to get a "To: From:" stamp for my Christmas tags. They didn't have any. Gina suggested that I try the clear alphabet because I could stamp anything I want. I have been very reluctant to try clear stamps. I looked at the price of the alphabet set and it less than half the cost of wood sets. I decided it was worth the try and I could take it back tomorrow. I was very surprised at how much I like using them. It takes time to get the letters on the block, but once they are on they stamp so nicely. I then stamped "Christmas Tags" to go on top of my tag tins. If you have been thinking about trying the clear stamps you really should. The alphabet set I bought is from My Sentiments Exactly. Pictures of tag tin coming soon.

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Laurie Star said...

I love clear stamps too! Once I tried them, I was hooked! Now I have quite a stash!

Loved your blog! :)