Friday, December 14

My cup of tea

I am from the South, but I hate iced tea. I just started drinking hot tea and can't get enough. At Starbucks, we discovered a yummy TAZO orange tea that I now can't get enough of. When I saw these stamps, I had to make a card with tea inside. I scored and folded an A Muse 4 bar notecard and then added a slit in the back to hold the pack of tea. It doesn't show up well in the picture but I traced the edge of the plate with a Silver Copic Spica pen. These pens are the mostest sparkliest ever!! I hope you have enjoyed all the sneak peeks this week. I have one more coming! The new stamps will be available on the A Muse site today! Make your list or just order one of each~ you won't be disappointed with any of the stamps.
All images and notecards are A Muse Artstamps.


Lauren said...

Great card. I love the Amuse sentiment.

My Paper World said...

Very cute!

Rhonda said...

This is adorable!! I love that you made it a teabag holder. Speaking of, I have one of those tea bag book things on my to do list for Christmas, and, I just so happened to pick up these stamps today at A Muse.... :D Thanks for inspiring me!! Love this!!

JenMarie said...

Love this card!
I'm from Louisiana and LOVE sweet iced tea....wasn't really a hot tea drinker until I moved to Illinois for 7.5 years. Hot tea was the only thing that would warm me up in the winter! I'm in Georgia now but I still think I'll be drinking hot tea, it's just so soothing and calming.