Monday, December 24

My dad

When I first began this crazy hobby of mine, I knew I wanted to make something special for my dad. That was over two years ago and I am just finishing it. I can't even tell you how many times I would start to do something only to put it away again because I didn't like the way it was turning out. I wanted it to be just perfect. . Every idea I had just seemed to be too much. My dad is a very simple man and yet I was trying to make something very complicated. The other day while looking through Two Peas gallery, I saw a page with "My dad, my friend, my hero" on it. That was all I needed~simple as that. I knew I wanted to use the larger picture, but had to search for the others. He must have been the photographer of the family, because I could not find one picture of my dad and I. Then I found the picture of the flags from when he was stationed in Kansas~ it's a Memorial Day celebration. My dad earned a Purple Heart for his service in Vietnam. However, he didn't actually receive his medal until much later. Sadly though, it just got stuck in the bottom of a drawer never to be seen by anyone. I wanted to give him something to honor all that he has done. He really is my hero! I keep wanting to add more to it, but I think I will leave it as is. I hope he likes it.


CraftyEngineer said...

Very nice. I'm sure he'll love it. How could he not? It's from YOU!

inara said...

cute site! Merry Christmas!

Rhonda said...

How very sweet and heartfelt of you!! What a handsome man your dad is!! :D I'm sure he will be honored to receive this from his special daughter.

Merry Christmas!