Wednesday, January 30

Shut's your birthday

Happy Birthday Julie!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

It's the best when Julie leaves a her famous "SHUT UP....THUD" comment on one of your cards. It always cracks me up and makes my day. So we decided to all make cards and put "Shut's your birthday...THUD" on them. I know I could have just wrote it on the inside of any card, but I wanted to include it as part of the card design. I stared at my stamps thinking forever before I thought of this. It is totally inspired by this card by Julie herself. I never add a design or anything to the inside of the the cards, but this was just so fun!

And here is the inside of the card. This just cracks me up....maybe it's only me but I think it's funny. Hope you like it Julie! Have a great day!
All images are Elzybells NA and A Muse, A Muse notecards

We are less than two hours away from something BIG, so stay tuned. I will post again at 3:00 EST.


Katie said...

Such a cute card, Michelle!

JenMarie said...


Rhonda said...

This is too funny!! You have a great sense of humor Michelle!! I love all that you've done here!!

jenstamps said...

OMG! This is too funny!!!

Elena said...

Oh, this is so funny! Very cute idea.