Sunday, March 16

I just had to..

reorganize ALL my craft stuff. With all the projects I am working on, it was a complete and total mess. I was spending more time finding what I needed for a project than actually making it. I had two things due this week and the piles continued to grow. I ended up working in a tiny square of my table. I couldn't even see my table anymore. So I knew I had to do something and fast! The A Muse gals have been sharing some of their organization tips, so I was inspired. I have quite a few Stampin Up sets, but I NEVER use them anymore. I labeled them and put them on a shelf BEHIND stuff that I actually use. Now if I need them, I can easily find what I want.

It took forever to make all those labels, but it motivated me to organize everything. I found things that I forgot I even had. Sadly I found a bag of purchases that were never even taken out of the bag. Today, however, I went to two craft stores and only bought one thing that I need for a class. My A Muse ribbon collection just keeps growing, so it was all over the place. I found it a new home on top of a little three drawer plastic container. In that container, I put my A Muse accessories, pens and a few odds and ends that I am always reaching for when creating.

I thought I had good storage for all my A Muse notecards. But again it was taking me forever to find what I wanted. I copied Geeta's idea for this one and LOVE it! I love this system because I can easily see what I have and any that I may need to order. I put solid and 4bar notecards in one photo box and patterns in another.

A while back, my dad built a shelf for my A Muse stamps. During A Muse A Palooza last year, I had seen one on Jenn's blog and knew that I had to have one. It's made out of some extra wood from another project, so nothing fancy. When I have my dream stamp room, maybe I'll get a really fancy one. I can't show you all of the shelf because I have some *new* A Muse stamps on it. SOON! I got some new clear stamps this week. I used the packaging to make labels for my cd holder.
After all that, I had time to stamp. I got many project done, but can't share them with you just yet!
Happy stamping,


Joann said...

wow you can organize my studio! Good job.

Jen said...

this is awesome. love how you organized your notecards- what did you put them in?

Heather said...

Lookin' good!

So ... you keep your A Muse clear stamps in CD cases? I've read about folks doing that, but never could decide if I liked it or not. How's it working for you?

jenstamps said...

Wow you have been a busy girl! It all looks great! I can't wait to see what you have been working on.

Wacky Stephanie said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh...the joy of organizing! I LOVE IT! I do this about once a year though I never really seem to get finished since more keeps coming in. Here a wish for you that you will get it all done :)

JenMarie said...

That looks like a fun room!!!
Getting closer to Elzy class time!!!