Sunday, January 20

where's the cake??

Sometimes I just crack myself up. This is a cute card huh? But what sentiment should I use with it? hmmmm on goes my thinking cap. I look at my shelf of A Muse stamps trying to think of something to go with it. Then I think that I could see bossy girl on her birthday demanding her cake and present. Maybe I was the inspiration for bossy Elsybells ~ no comments from you Kris or Geeta!!
So this is what I came up with. I think she would totally have a butler. And of course she would be yelling at him if he showed up without cake. Remember those Wendy's "Where's the beef?" commercials. Who cares about the beef...bring on the cake!!
All images are A Muse Artstamps.


jennie m said...

LOL!! This is adorable! Great card Michelle!

Rhonda said...

Super cute cards!!! I picture her like the girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Veruca??) "I Want it NOOOOWWW!!!" It should say Where's MY cake!!! and add a Hmmph!! :D LOL!! Sorry, I'm picturing a whole cartoon here from your card!! So clever!! I love the top one too, ,beautiful BG paper!! TFS!!

Pamela said...

You can just hear the attitude from Elzy! Very cute!!!

jenstamps said...

How cute is this!!!